To fill the gap between the demand for trained resources in the area of Sharia’h compliant Trade & Financing and available skilled human resource. Al-Sadiq (a.s) Institute has formulated a comprehensive training program with the coordinated efforts of renowned Faculty / Academicians with a view to cater enhanced education needs ensuring quality and affordability of students.
Salient Features:
  • Course contents cover International Laws relating to modern trade in
  • Career development support in the area of Sharia’h compliant trade and financing.
  • Brief discussions with regard to different publications of the ‘International
    Chamber of Commerce (ICC)’.
  • Practical training on various Sharia’h compliant financing products.
  • In-depth discussion on ‘Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML)’ with
    case studies.
Reference Books/Publications/Regulations:
  • AAOIFI Sharia’h Standards
  • An Introduction to Islamic Finance (Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani)
  • Publications of International Chamber of Commerce
  • Foreign Exchange Manual – State Bank of Pakistan
  • Prudential Regulations – State Bank of Pakistan
  • AML/CFT Regulations – State Bank of Pakistan
  • Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan (Dr. Asrar H. Siddiqi)
  • Finance of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange (Dr. Asrar H. Siddiqi)