Islamic Banking is in its growing stage, but the ethical part of it is still in struggling phase. None of the Islamic systems allows to go without ideology and ethical path. Allah SWT addresses mankind in Holy Quran by saying:

“O’ you who have believed, enter into Islam completely and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy” (2:208).

It's not like I accept this, but not even any other. So what we need to do through these classes, sessions and other programs, try to find out what actually Islam had to say and why we are moving with the Islamic Banking system (as far as I say non-Riba or Riba free Banking system).

Let's try to facilitate the new thinking Generation to come out with a system which is purely Islamic and then you will be able to understand the difference between Conventional Banking system and Islamic Banking system and then mold it into Islamic Banking system where ever possible.

It is an honour to start a system which has now become able to develop, with the help of a great Team, Certification and Diploma Courses we look forward to start the Degree Programs in the near future. Insha’Allah!

Sheikh Shabbir Maisami pointed out the challenge of Crypto Currency as Islamic Scholars are still confused as what it is and how to deal with it. He added that if we again sit back and see what the West is trying to do and going to do then again we will be the losers. Why don't some of us come out and discuss how to go ahead with a very new concept of Currency as Alhamdolillah we have many great Islamic Scholars, Mufti Hazrat & Professional bankers.


We are a Non-Profit organization established in 2007 to create awareness among masses (especially the youth) and professional bankers about the parallel Islamic Financial system, which is free from RIBA through training, research and certified courses.

We became partner of SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (Constituted by Government of Pakistan) in the year 2016 and now the Examinations are conducted by them and they award Transcript & the Diploma Certificate to the successful students.

With the changing dynamics of the global banking sector, the anomaly of lack of skilled and trained employees and professionals has been created. In order to cater to this need of time, Al-Sadiq (A.S) Institute started short courses and Diploma in Islamic Finance, Banking and Takaful on a much affordable price

The Institute has acquired the expertise of professionals, academicians, research scholars, Ulema and skilled bankers to achieve the following goals:



To arouse, inspire and deliver cutting edge education, learning, research, capacity building and counseling services in the locale of Islamic Banking and Finance to uphold and prosper the Islamic teachings.




To be a premier leading institute of knowledge center for Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan for the development and promotion of Shariah compliant teachings as a medium for economic and financial growth, Islamic microfinance and Takaful industries.


Sheikh Shabbir Hassan Maisami

Chairman Al-Sadiq (A.S) Institute

  • Shari'ah Advisor, State Bank of Pakistan.
  • Chairman Zahra (S.A) Academy.
  • Member of Board of Governors of Halal Food Authority Pakistan.
  • Advisor to Chairman, Wefaq-ul-Madaris Shia, Pakistan.
  • Currently, he is leading 11 different projects for the welfare and upbringing of society.
Zulfiqar Ali

Senior Member, Executive Committee

  • He is one of the founder members of the Institute.
  • Mr. Zulfiqar is the working at a Top Tier Bank.
  • Carrying rich experience of more than 26 years in the banking industry.
  • He has done his MBA in Banking, Finance & Masters in Economics and he is also holding a Diploma from the Institute of Bankers Pakistan.
Jawaid Iqbal

Senior Member, Executive Committee

  • He is also one of the founder members of the Institute.
  • Mr. Jawaid is the Head of Enterprise Risk in a global Islamic Bank.
  • He is an experienced professional with more than 22 years of experience in the Banking Industry, having specializations in Basel II, IFRS 9, Credit Risk Analytics, Treasury Operations, and Regulatory Compliance and Internal audit.
  • He has done his MBA in Banking and Finance.
Abbas Raza

Honorary Secretary

  • He is one of the key players of the Institute.
  • Mr. Raza Heads Trade Finance Department of Islamic Banking Group at Top Tier Bank.
  • He has more than 18 years of experience in the Banking Industry, especially in Trade and Finance.
  • He is also associated with different institutes and universities as faculty while he also delivers lectures on different forums.
  • His article “Scarcity of Shari'ah-compliant equities for global Islamic equity markets'' was published in Islamic Finance News – IFN.
  • Mr. Raza is a Chartered Banker and has done his EMBA in Accounting & Finance.
  • Mr. Raza is a Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (AAOIFI) and a Chartered Banker (CIBS) and He has also done his EMBA in Accounting & Finance as well.
Jawad Hussain

Senior Member, Executive Committee

  • Head of Shari'ah Compliance Department at Top Tier Bank.
  • He has 15 years of Islamic Banking Experience in Corporate credit, Credit Operations, Branch Banking, Product Development, Training and Shari'ah Compliance.
  • He has done his MBA in Finance & Masters in Arabic and Islamic studies.
Ali Abid

Member, Executive Committee and Marketing

  • Mr. Ali is working with a Top Tier Bank.
  • He has rich experience in Credit Documentation, Staff Loans, Vendor Management, Pool Management, Collateral Management, Regulatory Compliance initiatives throughout multiple functions etc.
  • He has done his MBA in Finance and was also affiliated with Institute of Cost Management Accountants Pakistan.
Aly Zeeshan

Member, Executive Committee and Finance

  • He is lead Management Consultant at ArNamz Consulting Group.
  • He is one of the youngest and enthusiastic business consultants of Karachi who started career from Namdar & Co. Chartered Accountants and has a track record in Management Consulting.
  • He is an ACCA and also holds Diploma in Advanced Professional Development that is focused at Tax law by Karachi Tax Bar Association.
  • He is an ACCA and also holds a Diploma in Advanced Professional Development that is focused at Tax law by Karachi Tax Bar Association.
Marium Zehra

Program Coordinator

  • She holds degrees of MBA and BBA from Institute of Business Management (IoBM/CBM) and was honoured with Gold Medal in MBA majoring in Finance.
  • She started her career from Central Depositary Company and later she joined the Institute of Business Administration as Research Fellow in IBA-CEIF where she organized local and international research projects, seminars, conferences and training.
Shamshad Ali

Member, Executive Committee

  • Prof. Shamshad Ali is currently doing his Ph.D in Islamic Taxation & Economics from Karachi University.
  • He holds M.A. degree in Economics.
  • He has done his Diploma in Islamic Banking & Economics from C.I.E. Darul-Uloom.
  • He has been teaching Islamic Studies for 8 years as a permanent faculty member at a Govt. College.
Mohsin Abbas

Program Manager

  • Mr. Mohsin has played vital role in the progress of the Institute.
  • He is a Corporate Portfolio Manager at a leading Islamic Bank.
  • He is an ACCA with Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance with 6 years of industry experience.
  • Mr. Mohsin has also completed his B.Sc in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University UK.
Muhammad Abbas

Program Coordinator

  • He manages day-to-day operations of the Institute.
  • Mr. Abbas is doing his Bachelors in Commerce while he has also studied Islamic Banking.